Chronicity Forex Signals
Rank Pending, Real, USD, FXOpen , 1:100 , MetaTrader 4 , $50/Month
Chronicity Forex Signals
Rank Pending , Real, USD , FXOpen, 1:100 ,MetaTrader 4, $50/Month

Dear Traders
Chronicity Description and important points:

1) This manual signal is based on pure technical analysis and NOT gambling, martingale, dreams, emotions, visions, scalping, hedging, chance, greed etc.

Markets are continuously monitored in order to spot the desired trade setup.

2) Opened trades are followed up and monitored closely. Trades will be closed at the right time whether manually or by TP/SL and not by other factors (e.g. personal request, emotions, love, tornado, earthquake, elections, war etc.). Sometimes trailing stops might be used (signal is running on a VPS).

3) Trading frequency is dependent to market situation and might range from several times a day to only once a week. SO FOLLOWERS MUST BE PATIENT WITH THIS REGARDS. Meanwhile do not forget that markets are continuously monitored even if there are no open trades. This is called “Watchful Waiting”.

All Forex pairs (symbols) provided by my broker (FXopen ECN live) plus silver and gold will be monitored and might be traded

4) The overall trading volume (simultaneous opened lots) is dependent to market situation but generally (not always) max cumulative lot size is 0.2 lots for every 1000$ of balance. For example if our balance is 6000 $ the SUM of the volumes(lots) of the currently opened trades will not pass 1.2 lots.

5) Trade volume is often broke down into smaller trades in order to have better control over them (e.g. 3 trades with 0.02 lots instead of only one 0.06 lots trade).

Trades might also be opened at different levels (2,4,10 or more levels) when the trade setup goes in extension mode.

I personally do not consider this as GRID although apparently it seems to be so.

Why not grid? because it is based on a specific analysis. However you can consider it as a GRID strategy before joining so you can stratify the risk !

6) Don't forget that getting the trade right only matters for about 30 percent! What is extremely more important is Capital Management and Emotional control!! The latter two are far more important than just getting the trade right! In better words getting the trade right is one thing and making profit out of it SOMETHINGELSE !

7) MOST IMPORTANTLY! Trading involves risk. This signal is not different. It did not come from the skies or another planet. Past performance is not indicative of future. Do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose. Anything is possible even at a blink. So be vigilant and wise. Do not RUSH. Do not hurry. Take your time and then join a signal. There is nothing to lose, there are always opportunities out there. So be safe.

Be sure that this signal will do its best and put in most effort in order to achieve best possible outcomes.

8) Recommended to have minimum deposit of 50 % of my live up to date balance.

9) Maximum target Drawdown is 40-45 %. However it will not be a hard stop !! meaning that I will not necessarily close all trades if we reach such DD. Instead i might implement other strategies to overcome such situation.

We might never reach such big drawdown (40-45%) but

a 10-20 % drawdown can be quite frequent on this signal !

** IF you can not be patient, IF you can not tolerate drawdown, IF you can not accept loss:


10) This Signal does not have any OBLIGATORY rules. All mentioned points are just guidelines to achieve the best results ! they are not and will not be restrictions/obligation for my trading. By joining this signal you are accepting the risks and responsibility for the results. This is just to be transparent and clear!
By using this signal, you expressly agree to hold the signal provider, their agents and anybody else harmless against any claims whatsoever and confirm that your actions are at your sole discretion and risk.
I/we will not accept any liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on this signal or whatsoever.
Remember that this signal will do its best and put max effort in order to
achieve best possible results!

(Expected monthly growth ~ 10%)

Thank you all for your attention,
Happy trading & all the best
Chronicity Signal Provider

Gain Chart
Feb 20 2020 at 02:58
Advanced Statistics
  • Balance: $7.8
  • Equity: (100.00%) $7.8
  • Floating PL: $0
  • Deposits: $864.27
  • Withdrawals: $5,000
  • Trades: 2,913
  • Pips: 878,397.7
  • Won: 83%
  • Avg. Trade Time: 18d
  • Lots: 128.06
  • Profit Factor: 1.06
  • Daily: -0.21%
  • Monthly: -6.02%
  • Trades Per Month 44
  • Expectancy: 301.5 Pips / $1.41
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Open Date Close date Symbol Action Lots SL TP Open Close Pips Profit Duration Gain
19.02.2020 02:07:20 19.02.2020 10:38:51 XAUUSD Sell 0.01 - - 1599.96000 1609.24000 -928.0 -9.44 8h 31m -54.76%
17.02.2020 01:12:26 19.02.2020 02:01:17 GBPCHF Sell 0.01 - - 1.28137 1.27863 27.4 2.41 2d +16.25%
24.01.2020 21:55:58 27.01.2020 01:06:01 XAUUSD Sell 0.02 - - 1571.61000 1583.72000 -1211.0 -24.52 2d -62.31%
24.01.2020 18:17:14 24.01.2020 21:55:42 NOKJPY Sell 0.02 - - 12.10500 12.07600 2.9 0.51 3h 38m +1.31%
24.01.2020 20:53:28 24.01.2020 21:55:37 NOKJPY Sell 0.05 - - 12.06900 12.07200 -0.3 -0.20 1h 2m -0.51%
24.01.2020 18:16:59 24.01.2020 21:55:33 NOKJPY Sell 0.02 - - 12.10400 12.07200 3.2 0.56 3h 38m +1.46%
21.01.2020 13:38:09 24.01.2020 17:30:21 XAUUSD Sell 0.05 - - 1555.62000 1575.54000 -1992.0 -100.23 3d -72.26%
21.01.2020 03:47:52 23.01.2020 01:20:58 XAUUSD Sell 0.05 1560.22000 - 1565.28000 1560.65000 463.0 22.49 1d +19.35%
08.01.2020 04:40:17 21.01.2020 03:20:21 XAUUSD Sell 0.05 1585.66000 - 1587.03000 1567.71000 1932.0 96.20 12d +44.18%
08.01.2020 18:39:42 21.01.2020 03:20:21 XAUUSD Sell 0.05 - - 1559.41000 1567.71000 -830.0 -41.89 12d -13.34%
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