Rocket Account Fx Forex Signals
Rank #328, Real, USD, IC Markets , 1:500 , MetaTrader 4 , $40/Month
Rocket Account Fx Forex Signals
Rank #328 , Real, USD , IC Markets, 1:500 ,MetaTrader 4, $40/Month

Notice to customers: Due to the holidays the market loses a lot of liquidity at certain times. Because of this I decided to discontinue most of my EAs on this account and return with the entire system on January 5th. Only 1 of my EAs will be connected during this period and this does not trade every day. Unfortunately the month of December was not good for the strategy, but it is not worth continuing to operate in the coming days. I am pleased with the results achieved this year and I hope 2022 will be better. Whoever's been with me the longest is certainly closing in at an excellent profit. Those who have recently entered ask you to have patience. Control anxiety and wait until day 5. We will continue our project at the same pace and risk control as we had in 2021. We will once again seek to pass the 500% profit in the year. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a 2022 of many personal achievements and profits in the market.

Fully automated signal. EAS portfolio working simultaneously on this account. The purpose of this signal is to leverage small accounts. All Eas working on this account have been backtested for a period of 16 years. The idea of this signal is to work with several different strategies in the same account so that one compensates the other in difficult times and we can work in the best possible way with the money deposited with the broker. Greatly increasing the target expectation of profit and DD control. I will always be monitoring the account month by month and making small changes to the portfolio if necessary. All orders have Stop Loss. He doesn't use martingale, grill or hedge. Orders are usually closed within a few hours. I hardly leave orders open on the weekend. There is no risk of breaking the account. Target above 20% per month. If you want to follow my lead by taking the same risk as me it is important to have an account with leverage of 1:500. Recommended minimum capital of $100 to follow the signal. It is important to use a broker that has low spreads. I recommend ICMarkets RAW SPREAD account and leverage 1:500. Welcome!

Important: I recommend that your account has up to 5000 usd for those who run the same risk as mine. This measure aims to minimize problems with order slippage. If you have more capital than that, divide it into other accounts to follow the signal. This strategy can also be found on the Hokocloud platform.

Keep in mind that even using the same broker and same type of account as me there will be a small difference compared to my account, but you will still make a profit. I don't run away from strategy. As I only use eas with a stop, there will be good and bad days. Be patient, use the same broker and account type as me and wait at least 2 months.

Note: The hit rate of all strategies worked on this account is quite high, but when a stop is made we can lose 10% to 20% of the balance for those who take risk equal to mine. This will happen in a few moments. But don't despair! Recovery from this loss usually occurs quickly. Let's go together!

Important Notice to Signal Followers: Today, 10/29/21 we took a big stop. This one took 20% of the balance. I had already warned that this could happen one day. We're ending the month a little negative. This is part of trading. The important thing is that no matter what happens in the market, we are alive. Breaking up will never be a possibility for me. Having good or bad months is normal. Accepting the loss is part of the game. This separates who wins and who loses money in the market. I ask those who joined a short time ago to be patient, as we will win again. I care about staying alive in the market and I have a responsibility to know that today I have many people following my signal. This account is here to stay for many years and make all of us earn money. Whoever is following me also needs to have the right mindset. I inform you that I decided to remove this EA that gave us losses today from the portfolio of this account. I thought we'd better work without him. Next week we will be back in full force! Good business everyone!

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29 Seconds ago
Advanced Statistics
  • Balance: $1,134.83
  • Equity: (100.00%) $1,134.83
  • Floating PL: $0
  • Deposits: $50
  • Withdrawals: $0
  • Trades: 3,518
  • Pips: 6,580
  • Won: 70%
  • Avg. Trade Time: 2h 32m
  • Lots: 196.85
  • Profit Factor: 1.32
  • Daily: 0.64%
  • Monthly: 21.00%
  • Trades Per Month 220
  • Expectancy: 1.9 Pips / $0.31
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Open Date Close date Symbol Action Lots SL TP Open Close Pips Profit Duration Gain
18.01.2022 23:56:16 19.01.2022 02:30:02 EURCHF Sell 0.07 1.04652 1.03877 1.03901 1.03878 2.3 1.17 2h 33m +0.1%
19.01.2022 00:56:41 19.01.2022 02:02:57 GBPUSD Sell 0.05 1.36329 1.35959 1.35979 1.35959 2.0 0.72 1h 6m +0.06%
19.01.2022 00:38:47 19.01.2022 01:45:04 GBPUSD Sell 0.11 1.36338 1.35971 1.35988 1.35969 1.9 1.48 1h 6m +0.13%
19.01.2022 00:57:09 19.01.2022 01:34:05 EURUSD Sell 0.07 1.14026 1.13251 1.13275 1.13252 2.3 1.22 36m +0.11%
19.01.2022 00:38:46 19.01.2022 01:32:36 GBPUSD Sell 0.11 1.36201 1.35972 1.35977 1.35975 0.2 -0.39 53m -0.03%
18.01.2022 23:00:06 19.01.2022 01:15:05 EURGBP Buy 0.07 0.82724 0.83303 0.83274 0.83302 2.8 1.90 2h 14m +0.17%
19.01.2022 00:58:09 19.01.2022 01:11:31 GBPAUD Sell 0.06 1.90594 1.89224 1.89294 1.89221 7.3 2.82 13m +0.25%
19.01.2022 00:58:09 19.01.2022 01:08:45 GBPAUD Sell 0.09 1.89636 1.89240 1.89294 1.89240 5.4 2.99 10m +0.27%
18.01.2022 23:48:20 19.01.2022 00:36:56 EURAUD Buy 0.08 1.57262 1.57646 1.57612 1.57641 2.9 0.92 48m +0.08%
18.01.2022 23:31:31 19.01.2022 00:36:39 EURAUD Buy 0.07 1.56682 1.57645 1.57631 1.57645 1.4 0.04 1h 5m +0%
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