Risk Management Ultra Forex Signals
Rank #5, Real, USD, Alpari INT , 1:500 , MetaTrader 4 , $400/Month
Risk Management Ultra Forex Signals
Rank #5, Real, USD, Alpari INT, 1:500, MetaTrader 4, $400/Month

From February 3th , price will be 400$.

Dear Sirs.

Target Maximum Draw Down = 20% and 15% in future
I adjusted position sizes in my Master account and DD target will be kept below 20% from Jan. 2021

Profit target = 5 % Monthly or higher
My Account is SWAP-FREE

As explained in next paragraphs, I Am not here to make money, Just for a good RESUME/CV for my students and institutes. So, price will be 400$ since I do not need any followers.
Anyway, you can continue copying my trades which is the most secured and best risk management system.

My TPs and SLs are hidden to you because they are in my Master account. Your account is safe.
Not intraday nor Scalp trading, not risky. Investing for very long term... for years.
Not for Scalpers and intra - day traders. since Millions of dollars are linked to this strategy and account.
Due to small position sizes and Bank system trading strategy methods positions might be open for some days / weeks.

I am too sorry for this month: January 2021.
I just withdrew some money during some open positions to check my system. So, my DD (not yours) increased due to decreased balance and equity. On Jan 11th positions are all closed in loss to correct and re-test my multi terminal Master and all Slave accounts. That’s why today many positions are executed. All is fixed now. Be Calm!
I manage many accounts and all of them are connected to this Multi-Terminal account from completely different brokers. That’s why this mess occurred. Everything is O.K. now.

I never use my leverage more than 20 - 50. I had to choose highest leverage so just all my clients can use my positions, that does not mean I use it! in fact, leverage of 50 is even completely too enough! for me. So, do not afraid, I am not going to risk never at all.

I have lost hundreds of thousands during many years to be expert in Forex. I never use any Robot nor EA. I never Trust them. All is set manually. Forex has been my only job for years. every day I spend more than 10 hours watching market and trade. I use a lot of fundamentally analysis and definitely all kind of advanced technical.

I have PhD. in Economics and Finance. The most important thing is just risk management, small lot size but more pips and patience to gain the profit little by little during many years. My time frame is weekly and daily. I am not going to trade every day. I might wait for days and days to find best entry.

I use many different trade strategies, sometimes basket, averaging, hedging and many unique strategies so very big million$ accounts of my clients be safe. That’s why some times we have couple of different open pairs.

If you’re going to be Millionaire fast, so sorry, this is not for you. I am too patient to reach my TP, may be days and days open positions. The only promise I can fairly have: is just not to call margin due to strict risk management. I am not going to promise you strange high profits. Profit depends on whenever market reaches my MAJOR entry to risk for good rational LOT size. Watch my history, all deposits are before starting to trade, I am not going to deposit when having open positions to average down, I will never do that. If I am going to deposit, I will do it when I have closed all my positions and in Off days. My TPs and SLs (hidden to you because they are in my Master account) are so large, so please be patient to take the most pips, so all brokers are OK., Since I am not going to scalp. Just please be patient and calm down. I trade all pairs whenever reach my entry. I am not going to stick to one or two pairs. I trade all the market, all currencies and sometimes gold except ZAR s , GBPNZD(my broker limited this for swap free accounts) high spread exotics. Just whatever you see in my history, no indices, no CFD. So, I am not going to trade strange pairs! just whatever you see in my history and try to target take profits from all market. if you are not swap free not so important. I have chosen e very high spread account. I just made this not to make money just to show my history in next years to my Students. Please be patient in Forex, I try to trade simultaneously different pairs. If you want to gamble in Forex, sorry you can choose others and if lucky might see some profit. Please be patient and consider Forex as an investment for A LONG PERIOD.

Gain Chart
13 Hours ago
Advanced Statistics
  • Balance: $2,858.56
  • Equity: (99.95%) $2,857.11
  • Floating PL: -$1.45
  • Deposits: $13,132.6
  • Withdrawals: $12,890.24
  • Trades: 441
  • Pips: 15,157.5
  • Won: 80%
  • Avg. Trade Time: 2d
  • Lots: 13.72
  • Profit Factor: 7.69
  • Daily: 0.28%
  • Monthly: 8.86%
  • Trades Per Month 37
  • Expectancy: 34.4 Pips / $5.94
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Open Date Close date Symbol Action Lots SL TP Open Close Pips Profit Duration Gain
05.03.2021 19:02:33 05.03.2021 20:24:59 GBPCHF Buy 0.01 - - 1.28636 1.28737 10.1 1.08 1h 22m +0.04%
05.03.2021 18:58:47 05.03.2021 20:24:35 CADCHF Buy 0.05 - - 0.73464 0.73535 7.1 3.81 1h 25m +0.13%
05.03.2021 12:19:57 05.03.2021 20:24:11 NZDCHF Buy 0.01 - - 0.66300 0.66658 35.8 3.85 8h 4m +0.14%
05.03.2021 07:33:44 05.03.2021 20:24:06 NZDCHF Buy 0.04 - - 0.66618 0.66655 3.7 1.59 12h 50m +0.06%
05.03.2021 17:24:22 05.03.2021 18:57:56 CADCHF Buy 0.02 - - 0.73381 0.73450 6.9 1.48 1h 33m +0.05%
05.03.2021 17:24:12 05.03.2021 18:57:55 CADCHF Buy 0.05 - - 0.73371 0.73449 7.8 4.19 1h 33m +0.15%
05.03.2021 13:30:02 05.03.2021 17:24:18 GBPCHF Buy 0.01 - - 1.28220 1.28492 27.2 2.93 3h 54m +0.1%
05.03.2021 12:19:23 05.03.2021 17:24:05 CADCHF Buy 0.02 - - 0.73151 0.73358 20.7 4.45 5h 4m +0.16%
05.03.2021 07:31:09 05.03.2021 17:24:03 CADCHF Buy 0.05 - - 0.73350 0.73364 1.4 0.75 9h 52m +0.03%
05.03.2021 12:47:36 05.03.2021 17:23:59 CADCHF Buy 0.05 - - 0.73051 0.73357 30.6 16.46 4h 36m +0.58%
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